Keeping me humble

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had a proposal rejected that I’d expected to be accepted. Win some lose some. The publishing industry has a way of helping us maintain our hat size.

Onward and upward.



12 comments on “Keeping me humble

  1. During your book mourning period:

    David’s head is very large,
    Very large, very large,
    He really thinks that he’s in charge.
    Very large indeed.

    Rejection comes in its own time,
    It’s own time, it’s own time,
    David’s verse hardly a rhyme,
    Very sad indeed.

    David’s head is very small,
    Very small, very small,
    Hardly any room at all
    For anything but sad.

    David’s head will bounce right back,
    Bounce right back, bounce right back.
    Once again on the fast track,
    Welcome back, dear Dave.


  2. And so it goes. And comes and goes. And comes and goes. But, as Jane says, you and “it” will always bounce back. Hmmm, have we done a Writers at Work series on the roller coaster ride? Heaven knows THAT’S a big part of the writing life!

    • Thanks, Sandy. It/we do come and go. I don’t recall if we’ve done a Writers at Work on the “ride.” If not, maybe we should?

  3. If everything were a win, nothing would be a win. (Blah, blah, blah—still phooey!) But you did get that lovely poem from Jane, so…bright side. (Blah, blah, blah again—rejection always feels stinky yucky pants. And, yes, you can quote me.) Hugs.

  4. Thanks for sharing this tale David.
    I hate to think how many times I’ve sat in a blue funk fearing rejection and for that matter how many of my projects have languished because of a negative comment. It seems in the world of art you need a heartthrob is sensitive to all of life’s love and wonders and the hide and plodding persistence of a buffalo to survive and thrive.
    Don’t you just love the human brain?
    I just typed ‘buffalo’ and predictive text (the bane of my life) suggested ‘wings’ and ‘chicken’ and I was instantly transported from my home in Australia to a restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska where 20-odd years ago II ate the finest buffalo wings ever.

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