Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween. Any scary poems to share?

Boo to all. And be sure to go over to No Water River to scare Renee.



10 comments on “Boo

  1. Happy Halloween to you, David! Here’s a scary limerick poem I wrote a couple years ago:


    It’s 3 a.m., why aren’t I sleeping?
    Odd hours I seem to be keeping.
    My eyes are not closing,
    my mind is composing,
    and limericks, silently creeping…

    Was that just the wind I heard moan?
    Making these walls creak and groan?
    I can’t comprehend
    why my hair stands on end,
    till I notice I’m not here alone.

    My eyesight, unfocused and bleary;
    the silence, electric and eerie;
    a whisper, my name,
    “Who’s there?!” I exclaim.
    “Just me,” she says, “no worries, Dearie.”

    From shadows, a hideous sight
    ignites my spontaneous fright:
    a foul surprise
    with sunken white eyes,
    and skin mostly rotted with blight!

    “I once was a dancer, you know.
    Tonight, it’s my Halloween show…”
    Her head, it unhinges
    and out jump, like ninjas,
    huge crickets that breed in her toe.

    I feel the sweat bead on my brow.
    The crickets are everywhere now!
    My heart skips a beat
    but I’m stuck to my seat,
    and I think that I’m having a cow.

    I’m shaking like autumn’s last leaf,
    just hoping the pain will be brief.
    wakes me up from my dream…
    and I breathe a deep sigh of relief.

    © 2013 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. All rights reserved.

    • Hooray for your spooky limerick, Michelle! And hooray for you for sharing it. What a swell way to get us started today!

  2. Greetings Halloweenies! Here’s a bit from a book of mine [out of print, the world being rotten & unfair)

    Angels watch o’er silent sleepers
    Restless souls & midnight creepers.
    For some are awake & about on this autumn night
    As the moon rises, round & bright…
    Briars & brambles grow all around
    This oogly-boogly burial ground… Buried under the crumbling stones
    Are bodies & bugs, secrets & bones.
    It’s midnight in the cemetery
    That’s the time & place most scary!

      • That’s what friends are for! Here, m’dear, try this one. I just wrote it for my FB page to put off raking a little longer:

        Greetings Spooks & Chili-Beanies
        And all you goofy Halloweenies!
        Here I am w/ sacks o’ candy in store
        For when you come begging at my door
        Coming up my steps, out of the gloom,
        With your Trump masks & freak costumes.
        ‘TRICK or TREAT’ I’m sure you’ll say.
        I’ll give you candy. You’ll go away
        And I’ll revel in the sounds & sights
        Of little spooks out in the night.

      • Oh my goodness! Me thinks you are filled with the spirits of the occasion. And I love the results!

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