Courting the muse

Hi everyone,

This will be a good day. I know what I’ll work on and expect to make progress. Some of my energy comes from the walk we took in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve at Hilton Head before leaving. The woods and walkways there would inspire anyone’s muse. According to the literature, it’s 605 acres of forest, marshes, lakes, and meadows. 20151031_153530_resized Along this boardwalk we heard but couldn’t spot a red shouldered hawk singing from a tree out in the marsh. 20151031_153620_resized Saw no alligators but could feel their presence. An ancient cousin sprawled on a log like an off duty lifeguard. 20151031_153816_resized Saw but didn’t hear a red winged blackbird darting from perch to perch in this thick stand of saw grass. 20151031_154508_resizedAbove us the trees wore Spanish moss like gray chin whiskers. 20151031_154633_resized The water below us hid its mysteries beneath a green blanket of algae. 20151031_155112_resized Felt a profound sense of peace among those gigantic oaks.20151031_155046_resized Heard but didn’t see a pileated woodpecker crying out like a ghost among those vaulted ceilings. Who wouldn’t be moved to write after strolling in such a place!


8 comments on “Courting the muse

    • Wish I could claim that I knew for sure what they were, Veda. Along the way were several informational stops that showed pictures of what we might see and, in the case of birds, how to identify their calls.

  1. What a wonderful romp you’ve taken us on and beautiful images, many thanks!!! I googled Hilton Head to find out what kind of turtle you have here. The site indicates they have loggerhead turtles there, not sure if this is a loggerhead or not, but it’s a wonderful pic! I’d love to slip him/her into an illustration sometime…

    • Thank you for checking, Michelle. I couldn’t tell for sure but that was one peaceful turtle, content to let the rest of the world go by.

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