Wikipedia listing

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to report that I’m now available on Wikipedia. For anyone who might have an interest, here’s the link.

Today it’s back to work on the new poetry manuscript. Only four more poems to go but there’s a lot of prose back matter still ahead.

8 comments on “Wikipedia listing

  1. Glad to see you are now more accessible to the non-kidlit community…having a presence there is a good idea. I did notice two things: your poet laureate position is mentioned twice in the same section – didn’t know if you noticed or intended that. Also, according to the article, you owned Glenstone Block Company from 1973 to 1908…and unless you are buddies with H.G.Wells, I’m not sure that’s possible.

    Oh, and I took the liberty to log into your account to add “rapper-musician extraordinaire” to your list of accomplishments.

    And the time you spent as a NASA test pilot.

    And your bionic laser vision.

    You’re welcome!

    • Thank you, Matt. I noticed the repetition too but haven’t taken the time yet to point it out. I’ll do it today. Maybe I’m not seeing it right, but I read 1973-08 to mean 2008, which is correct. I completely forgot about the bionic laser vision and the rapper thing. Everyone is a NASA test pilot so I decided not to even mention that.

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