Starting over

Hi everyone,

Last night Sandy went to a meeting, the house was quiet, and I sat in the living room to read my speech for the author luncheon talk next Friday at Missouri Early Learning Conference. It’s a 45 minute talk and I’ve been working on it for some time. It was time to hear it aloud to see where I might need to make adjustments.

It’s a lousy speech. It’s boring and there’s no way to save it. I missed my target. It’s tedious and vain and guaranteed to run a bunch of teachers from the room. I can salvage the first page and a few lines from the last. Otherwise, I’m starting over today. If I can’t do better than that, they shouldn’t pay me.

So that’s my day. Good luck with yours.



17 comments on “Starting over

    • Good morning, Linda. You are always so encouraging, and that is so appreciated. In the friendlier light of day I’m finding more to salvage than expected so I’m making progress on what I think will be a decent revision.

    • Thank you, Mary Nida. It’s raining here at the moment but my disposition is getting sunnier as the morning progresses.

    • Greetings, Michelle! Thank you for coming by today, and thank you for the kind words. I’m feeling much better as the day moves along so your Chicago sunshine must have helped! Glad you liked our Halloweensie fun!

  1. Recite one of your poems. Isn’t there one where you i(a chicken? A duck?) swallows a fox? If not, use this as an idea. You can acknowledge me in the laugh line. You’re welcome.

    • Patricia, Patricia, Patricia, where have you BEEN? Don’t you know how I suffer when you’re away? Yes, I did write about the tragedy of a fox that overstepped his bounds. Thank you for reminding me. Now if I can just find my chicken outfit . . .

    • I know that for sure. I had an English professor who kept a list of favorite words and we loved to egg him into pronouncing them for us. Ahhh.

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