And the Word of the Month for November is . . .

Hi everyone,

Jeanne Poland, what WOULD I ever do without you! Yes, I was indeed occupied elsewhere on the 1st and for the first time since W.O.M. began in October 2009, I overlooked posting a new word. A thousand pardons!!!Jeanne Poland and David

The word for this month is SORRY.

I’m off to a concert this morning but will clean up the pages later today. For now, please forgive me and enjoy the word.



9 comments on “And the Word of the Month for November is . . .

  1. I’m sorry I’m busy
    Too busy to burp!
    I’m sorry I’m busy
    Too busy to furp!

    I’m simply too busy
    To spell and to count;
    Call in the relaxers
    To stretch me out!


    lovingly rhymed for David the Brave
    Jeanne Poland

  2. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

    There is no real sorrow in repetition,
    just a litany, light on the woe.
    Anyone can say the word,
    it does not trip off te tongue,
    but dances blithely,
    sayer to the one who waits
    its sending.

    Grandmothers forgive the most,
    superintendents of schools the least,
    for they want to see you sweat,
    like the athletes many of them once were.
    I prefer an offer of help–a week of dish-washing,
    dog walked for a month, lawn cut all suwmmer, without asking,
    some tangible sorrow in each swath.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all ights reserved

    • Which raises the question of how conflicted would a superintendent be if she were also a grandmother? I like the idea of putting sorry to work!

  3. Ways of saying “sorry”:
    absently, sincerely
    plaintively, bleating.
    Canadians say “sorry”
    unapologetically as a
    national greeting.
    That was my bleary-eyed morning attempt at humor. 🙂

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