November spiders and roses

Hi everyone,

A balmy day on Goose Lake. I counted five hibiscus blossoms. The geraniums are still blooming. Even so, as I write this Sandy and our friend Linda are removing the geraniums from their summer pots and transferring them to winter ones for storage in the garage. I should be helping but if I didn’t sit here and tell you about it, who would?
I’m not all bad. I took these shots of a hopeful spider and a determined rose. Behold, November at Goose Lake.20151114_152429_resized

The Missouri Reader Fall Issue is out and I’m delighted to be featured.

6 comments on “November spiders and roses

  1. I get the Missouri Reader, will look for you, David! I took the final pic of my geraniums yesterday, now heavy snow, most schools closed. Don’t know if it’s on your way or not, but enjoy the day today!

    • Thank you, Linda. Did the link I posted not take you directly there or does it only work for me? I’m curious. Ack! Snow? No! No! I’m not ready! But we are sure getting a lot of rain dumped on us.

  2. There are movers and there are chroniclers. Since there were already volunteers for the former, you were obligated to fill the vacant role of the latter. 🙂

    Super interview of you! If you weren’t such a sweetheart of an approachable man, I’d be in too much awe and too intimidated to interact with you!

    • Hi Teresa,
      I’m so glad you appreciate the exercise I gave up so that I could faithfully record and report on the event. As for the interview, well thank you. Thank you very much.

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