Hi everyone,


Almost all the other trees are denuded now but this little maple has been holding back for a finish with a flourish.

Good day. I finished the complete draft of a new collection of poetry. It’s under contract and due in early January so I’m feeling smug. This doesn’t mean I’m finished finished. There’s work to be done. But now I can afford the luxury of putting the script away for a few weeks and coming back to it fresh in December. Ahhh.

To celebrate I shaved and showered for the first time in two days — horrors! — but I just couldn’t seem to find a good time to stop — and am now about to declare Happy Hour. Sometimes you just need to celebrate.


4 comments on “Yes!

  1. For David:

    I never thought of shaving
    As a prep for celebrate.
    Something I can learn to do
    If it is not too late.

    My face it is too tender,
    I can not reach my leg.
    Perhaps, then I could shave my head
    And look like a new egg.

    Or maybe just the under-arm
    If you think that will do,
    For then I could come celebrate
    Dear Harrison, with you.



    • I’d never want to shave you, Dear,
      Or cut your hair for then I fear
      That Yolen with a Sampson shear
      Might lose her strength and ruin our year.

  2. What a way to start my day!! David Harrison and Jane Yolen in poetry! As I said at Keene, Jane, I love this blog when I get to visit!!

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