Everything old is new again

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I discovered an old story buried in a file. It’s so old I don’t have it on my computer. I read it, remembered it, and liked it. According to my journal, I wrote it thirteen years ago, sent it out once in 2002, once in 2004, twice in 2005, and stopped. What a quitter I am!

I have no business tormenting an old yarn trying to sleep it off in a drawer, especially when I have other stuff with deadlines attached. But I can be so weak! I’m probably wasting time but just a few more tucks here and there and . . . who knows?

Sandy Asher, I know you recently returned to tales of the past and turned some of them into cash. So I hope you’ll understand and approve of my irresponsibility.



9 comments on “Everything old is new again

  1. My new book–WHAT TO DO WITH A BOX–has that sort of history. Written first in the 80’s, went to a few places where it was turned down. Set it aside. Hauled it out, tarted it up, sent it to Creative Editions who loved it (they hadn’t even been on my radar then) and they put it together with Chris Sheban as illustrator. It is sensational looking.Out in March.

    Moral of the story: Never give up. If it’s good it will some day be good to go.


    • I love it when this happens, Jane. I once placed a story with an editor who had previously turned it down. You never know. Congratulations on your success with WHAT TO DO WITH A BOX. I love that title!

  2. You bet I approve, David! As you know, I’ve recently revived several stories that found a home at Highlights HIGH FIVE, and I’m currently working on another that’s been commissioned to become a play with music. My record for resuscitation is a story sold 18 years after I wrote it for a college creative writing course. Sometimes you just have to live a little longer, grow up a little more, to know how to tell the story the way it needs to be told.

    • Hi Sandy! Your story about stories should inspire us all. What a good feeling to rescue an idea from the past that somehow just needed a nice long nap before it was finally ready to shine.

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