Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

In honor of the occasion, I’ve composed a poem inspired by something we all love — Thanksgiving leftovers. Oh yes! Call me callous. Call me calculating. Call me cold. But call me tomorrow for leftovers. If anyone in my family should read this, of course it isn’t about YOU! We hope.

Next Year’s Forecast
by David L. Harrison

Please forgive my greasy grin
With gravy dripping off my chin
As I admire my loving kin
Amid Thanksgiving burbling din.

I love to watch my family munch,
Although with so much eager crunch
I have a sudden sinking hunch
I’ll have no lovely leftovers lunch!

They’re gobbling all the turkey breast,
Pecan pie and all the rest.
Tomorrow I won’t feel so blessed.
Next year there’ll be fewer guests.

15 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Following David’s lead (though I’m not in high heels!)

    No Leftovers

    No leftovers ’cause all the leftovers left
    And now I am feeling completely bereft.
    I’m looking for turkey broth, longing for pie.
    No one’s more leftover here now than I.

    No leftovers ’cause all the leftovers went
    As folks all skedadalled out of our big tent.
    They ran off with leftovers tucked in their sleeves.
    “No leftovers here!” they would have us believe.

    No leftovers there? Then what are those crumbs
    That followed our false friends, those leftover bums?
    I tell you quite frankly, with never a fear,
    There’ll be LOTS of leftovers left over next year.

    (There just won’t be as many friends!)

    ©2015 Jane Yolen, all rights reserved

    • Thank you, dear Jane, for further defining the leftover dilemma! Maybe this is the year when Leftoverless Hosts and Hostesses rise up and demand that no platter shall be licked clean. There must be a bill of rights in there somewhere!

  2. Two Birds; One Stone: A Reply + a W.O.M. Pome

    Grateful I was, being invited to dinner
    Now sorry I am, having been such a sinner
    It was just so wonderful, feeding my face,
    I figured I’d take some eats to my place –
    It’s a compliment to your cooking!
    Taking a bunch of it when you’re not looking!
    Looking forward to eating it tomorrow …
    Now my tum’s full o’ grub & my heart’s full o’ sorrow

    Sorry I am for being greedy and sly
    For saying goodbye with pocketfuls of pie.
    Sorry I am, having earned a guest’s curse,
    For taking off with taters & a drumstick in my purse.
    Sorry I am for making off with your leftovers
    For a snack later on, in bed ‘neath my covers.
    Honest, I’m SORRY! Alas! Alack!
    Now will you invite me back?

    • Cheryl, my dear talented friend. How could anyone ever refuse such a clever combo? You are definitely invited back next time! Of course there will be a purse check as guests leave . . . .

  3. Just saw this now, so I whipped up something quickly…


    Although I’ve had all I can eat,
    I think I’ll have a bit more stuffing.
    Please, no more gravy, no more meat –
    you see, I’ve had all I can eat
    and fear I may fall off my seat.
    I’m telling you the truth – no bluffing!
    Although I’ve had all I can eat,
    I think I’ll have a bit more stuffing.

    – © 2015, Matt Forrest Esenwine

    Hope you & Sandy had a nice Thanksgiving!

    • Happy day after, Matt, and thank you for your reflection on stuffing. It’s a basic truth that we cannot stop eating certain things. My downfall is those little bites of turkey that somehow beckon me from their hiding places on the platter. Just the right size for a quick bite . . . after bite . . . . after bite.

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