The source of Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Have I mentioned that Goose Lake is the last of three small lakes in the area where we live? The one northernmost feeds overflow into the middle lake and it passes extra water down to us. At the far end of Goose Lake a final spillway sends excess water into a small creek that runs on south from there. Additionally, we have a freshwater spring in one corner of our lake that adds an unknown but constant amount of new water bubbling up into the mix.

After heavy rains we can see and hear the action across the lake from us. Here’s a picture taken yesterday morning. 20151128_124030_resized

During subfreezing weather most of our shallow lake freezes over, except for the corner where the spring remains active and keeps that area ice free. Sometimes geese and ducks crowd together in that confined space. One year I took their picture, blew it up on my computer, and counted bills. There were more than 400.


4 comments on “The source of Goose Lake

  1. One of the first things I read of yours were the Goose Lake poems, David. They are beautiful. We lived on a lake outside Kansas City when we were in Missouri, a wonderful place to be. Love this picture, can just see the creek.

    • Linda, thank you for telling me. Tomorrow I’m posting about the e-book for the first time in quite a while. I keep thinking about writing a second book. I certainly have enough notes!

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