Introduction to Goose Lake the e-book

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the nice remarks yesterday here and on Facebook about my picture and description of Goose Lake. Some of you have a copy of the e-book I self-published about the lake in 2011. Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong were kind enough to write the foreword and Sladjana Vasic created the lovely illustrations. Here’s my introduction.

“The lake behind my house entertains me. In, around, and above the water a cast of swimmers, flyers, hoppers, chirpers, croakers, honkers, quackers, and hissers comes and goes, lives or dies, eats or is eaten, each a valuable member of the lake’s community.

According to season, rising suns paint mornings fresh as spring. Fish leap for insects. Turtles lie out on rocks like summer tourists sunning at the beach. Fall rains strip blossoms from trees and storms howl across the water. Ice covers the lake. Snow covers the ice. Then its spring again and ducks wander the banks, searching for secret places to hide their eggs.

If only you could be here to share my binoculars when I look out my kitchen window or lounge beside the water at dusk. There are so many sights I would love to show you! Since you cannot join me in person, I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll bring Goose Lake to you.”

It has been some time since I pitched GOOSE LAKE. Early on it ranked, briefly, as the #1 Kindle book of children’s poetry. Today the sales have fallen to almost nothing. For anyone without a copy but with an interest in getting one, here’s the Amazon link. You can also get it on Barnes & Noble for your Nook or other reading devices. . You can see enough of the book for free to decide if it’s worth $1.99 to own.

If you have a copy of GOOSE LAKE and like it but haven’t left a comment, I would appreciate it if you would. Maybe that would help spark a reawakening of interest. I keep thinking I’ll write a second book about our lake but haven’t gotten to that one yet.

9 comments on “Introduction to Goose Lake the e-book

  1. I just posted my review on Amazon, David, reviewed it a long time ago on Goodreads, but never posted it on Amazon. Hope that helps. It would be a lovely Christmas gift that would last all the year.

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