Gamble’s Gifts for the holidays

Hi everyone,
These are busy days for retailers. At Gamble’s Gifts we’ve had our Christmas Open House sales, Thanksgiving Sales, Black Friday Sale, Small Business Sale, and now it’s scratch and survive as we sprint toward the last days before Christmas — and then, of course, the Day After Christmas Sale. Whew! If you’d like to be on the mailing list for the 12 Days of Christmas Sale (yes, that still a different sale), contact the store at and give them your e-mail address. IMAG1806If you’d just like to browse the store’s website, here’s how to do that. There’s still time to ship if you see anything you like. Yes, we experienced Cyber Monday too.
I don’t mention our store often and probably should. Sandy works hard with our staff to keep the displays looking good and we go to markets every year to buy new products.IMAG1808 If you’ve been in retail, you know it’s a demanding line of work but small stores like ours somehow manage to survive in spite of the competition from chains and online giants.
So here’s to my wife, the soul of the store. And here’s to being in the gift business since 1984. Thanks Sandy Harrison.

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