New children’s edition of Poetry Friday Anthology for Science: THE POETRY OF SCIENCE

Hi everyone,

Good news from Janet WongJanet Wong and Sylvia Vardell,Sylvia Vardell dba Pomelo Books.
51tv+N-q3IL__SX384_BO1,204,203,200_ I’ll use Janet’s words to explain.

“Earlier this year we started shuffling the poems (in Poetry Friday Anthology for Science). A LOT of shuffling and reshuffling and RESHUFFLING later, we now have a new Children’s Edition with 248 poems, none of the Take 5 mini-lessons, and no grade-level groupings—just the poems organized by topics (and embellished with black-and-white illustrations by Frank Ramspott and Bug Wang). Our hope is that teachers and librarians will continue to use the Teacher Edition but that they’ll also buy the Children’s Edition to allow kids to follow along in their own books (or to take home for reading on their own).”

Way to go, Janet and Sylvia! I’m told that the Remix is now available and is a Children’s Book Council “Hot Off the Press” title!

It is available on Amazon and also from QEP Books. Here are links:




I’m pleased to be one of the 78 poets in this collection and am happy that our editors/publishers are providing such a valuable tool to support classroom science studies.

4 comments on “New children’s edition of Poetry Friday Anthology for Science: THE POETRY OF SCIENCE

    • Thank you, Jane. My hat’s off to Sylvia and Janet for all they are doing to make poetry accessible in classrooms everywhere.

  1. David, Thanks for a great post about the new edition of THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR SCIENCE. Your poems in the anthology are so much fun. I’m so thankful to you for suggesting so many of us to the editors Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell for inclusion in their anthologies. I’m proud to be one of the 78 and included with so many outstanding poets in this anthology. Life is good and sharing poetry with children just makes it so much more fun. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Joy. I’m delighted to see you in the anthology along with others who have attended my workshops. I don’t take the credit for your talent, but I wouldn’t have a chance to know you if it hadn’t been for those workshops. So congratulations all around! I wonder if you’ll develop any new sounds or extra syllables when you start writing in Hawaii.

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