My W.O.M. poem for December

Hi everyone,
David on rock 5
I love this month’s word: KNOW. Here’s my poem but I might write another one. The word is truly ripe with meaning.

Not Knowing Is the Thing
by David L. Harrison

“. . . some things
we don’t know we don’t know,”
said Rumsfeld, and pundits
had a field day, but nothing
could be truer,

and nothing
teases my spirit more
than the thought of what
I’ve missed because
I didn’t know I didn’t.

But there’s joy in discovery.
I look back
at so many mysteries
happily resolved,

more remain to lead me on,
to write, to wonder
of what can be once I know
what I don’t know to know
of roots and buried pebbles,
and the cosmos waiting
within this gossamer bubble
of my dreams.

8 comments on “My W.O.M. poem for December

  1. “because I didn’t know I didn’t” – keeps me living because of these words, David. I like the ‘not knowing’ & possibility of discovery, and you’ve shown that ‘romance’ beautifully.

    • Good morning, Linda. Hope it’s as sunny there as it is here today. I’m glad my poem speaks to you as it does to me. Thank you.

  2. I used the “didn’t know what I didn’t know” in my WOM entry before I read this. But it is true, and “lifelong learning” is not a cliche–it’s a life! “cosmos waiting
    within this gossamer bubble
    of my dreams”–beautiful

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