A second W.O.M. poem

Hi everyone,

I told you I would have fun with this month’s W.O.M. word: KNOW. So here’s another slant.

The Cycle of Knowledge
by David L. Harrison

David's first fish
When I was a boy,
I didn’t know much,
Except for fish
And turtles and such.

In my teens,
With ego flowing,
If I didn’t know it –
Not worth knowing.

By thirty I was
A clever thing
Who knew I didn’t
Know everything.

Fifties? Ah,
The peak of power!
All I’d learned
Was in full flower,

Until computers . . .
Now I don’t know much,
Except for fish
And turtles and such.



16 comments on “A second W.O.M. poem

  1. The nose knows The winter smells, Just as ears Know winter bells, As eyes both know The bare of trees, As tongue knows Winter soups with ease.

    2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

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  2. The Tree
    She listened to the warning
    In the garden, with the breeze
    Soft against her bare skin
    And walked over to the forbidden
    Tree, its red, ripe fruit tempting
    Among the green boughs.
    Wondering, even without the snake,
    Why not, she reached up
    And let a round, solid globe
    Fall into her hand, so easy,
    And she lifted it to her lips,
    So sweet, and the tiger and the lamb
    And the lion and and mouse
    Went on about their innocent business,
    But she had already left.
    To know some things and places
    And animals and people are bad
    Is to step from Eden
    into a world of thorny choices.

  3. And we do come full circle, so right. Love that you are so inspired, David. I actually wrote mine early this month for the first time in a while. Guess you inspired me, too.

    • Linda, this has been a good day with lots of comments and encouragement and shared poems. I love it when everything jells. Thank you for always helping make it happen!

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