December W.O.M. poem #5

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!

Hi everyone,

Here’s #5. I may stop now to work on other things, but this has been fun.

The Mind of Genius
by David L. Harrison

Einstein rode an elevator in space,
a theoretical scientific game
that helped him understand acceleration,
how it and Newton’s gravity are the same.

Hawking, paraplegic bound to earth,
relentlessly pursuing cosmic goals,
explores space mathematically in his mind,
explains singularities, black holes.

Their brilliances are torches in the darkness.
Few perceive their complicated quests
until they pause to tell us what they’ve fathomed.
Then we know how truly we’ve been blessed.

8 comments on “December W.O.M. poem #5

  1. I like this, David, and like Larry above, think it’s a marvelous way to show how what we “know” can be written poetically. I’ll share with former colleagues. Great mentor poem!

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