Jesse and Grace a finalist

Hi everyone,

Sandy AsherYou’ve heard me talk about Sandy Asher’s play, JESSE AND GRACE — A BEST FRIENDS STORY. It’s based on our story in verse about two fourth graders who have grown up close but have a serious falling out that threatens their lifelong bond. In the making, Sandy and I took turns writing responses as the plot developed. We worked from a general outline without knowing precisely what the other would say and it turned out well.David publicity photo

Jesse and Grace
The manuscript is still out for review with book editors but meanwhile the play continues to flourish. Sandy just wrote a second version of it that features two actors plus puppets and submitted it to NYU’s New Plays for Young Audiences workshop at the Provincetown Playhouse. It didn’t make it into the top 3 out of the record 97 scripts submitted, but it was a finalist and ranked #6. Way to go, Sandy! We’ll see Jesse and Grace as a book yet!


7 comments on “Jesse and Grace a finalist

  1. Yes, we will, David! And, just for the record, the news from New Plays for Young Audiences was even more remarkable because I haven’t written the 2-actor version yet. I just sent in our book manuscript and my plan for its development. “Jesse and Grace” was “in the top 6.” Not sure if there was an exact ranking for #4, #5, and #6, but J&G were serious contenders. There’s an actor/producer interested in working on the new script, so I’ll be writing it soon enough, though not at the New Plays workshop. And, of course, J&G are already champs in the 4-person play that was published by Dramatic Publishing Company and went on to win the American Alliance for Theatre and Education’s Distinguished Play Award. So, yes, I believe we WILL see our young friends in a book one of these days. Keep the faith!

    • Hi Sandy! Thank you for the additional information and update. Our pals are doing well for themselves and I’m as sure as you are that they have a bright future. Here’s to their next conquest! XO

  2. My fingers, they are crossed! Happy Saturday, dear friends. Frank Sinatra’s 100 b-day anniversary, just for you to know.

  3. Thank you, dear Cheryl! And tonight I’ll raise a glass to old blue eyes. He couldn’t carry a tune in a basket as a young singer but he sure got better!

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