Be here tomorrow for sure!

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I’m having a holiday blog party and you’re all invited! When you click on my post tomorrow morning, you’ll see more information but all you really need to know is that I hope you can join me and everyone else who will come. I expect first guests to arrive early. When I open for business here each morning at 6:00 CST, I have a few notes waiting from folks on the east coast. As the morning rolls on, messages start arriving from east to west until those sleepyheads on the west coast finally decide to get up. I know, Sara Johnson, you’re an early bird. As are you, Ruth Culham, Jennifer Harrison, and any number of others.

I’m just saying that the party will start when the first guest arrives and we’ll rock all day until I finally seek my bed and leave the late revelers to their own vices. Can’t wait to see everyone. It should be long party so I’ll tell you what I told Matt Forrest, wear comfortable shoes. I’ve invited a number of authors, poets, artists, editors, playwrights, actors, librarians, professors, teachers, and many others who are associated in various ways with children’s literature.


17 comments on “Be here tomorrow for sure!

  1. See you tomorrow! I’ll be the one in the Christmas crimson gownless evening strap w/ holly in my hair, toting a jug o’ nog.

  2. Hey, David
    You know how much I love a party. But since I’ll probably be coming the farthest–I’m way out west–so even if I come at 6 AM here, it will be noon at Matt’s place, or Jane Yolen’s. I’m trying to think of folks on the East Coast.
    We’re doing a Walmart run today to buy a coffee pot and a toaster maybe some folding chairs to have something to sit on while we wait for the shipping container to get here.
    I went to sleep last night to the sounds of crickets and frogs. I woke up this morning to the crowing of chickens. I love Kauai.
    Lot’s to do.

    • Joy! Great fun to hear from you! I’m glad you got there even sans furniture, but before much longer you’ll be settled in and feeling at home in Kauai.

      Come to the party anytime you can. Last time we held out for three days so this one might not get wrapped up right away either.

    • Good morning, good friend! Glad to see you. The party is indeed off to a good start. The post we’re on now is yesterday’s. The party is on today’s post. Go back to the FB post and click on my blog site there. See you soon!

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