Season’s greetings from Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all for making my second blog party such fun. More than one hundred of you were here and your conversation covered a lot of entertaining subjects. Many more than that checked in but didn’t leave a comment or preferred to like the event on Facebook. The party is still there, frozen in time and space, where anyone can revisit at will and engage in further chats.

For now, though, I think it’s time to move on. For those of us still with shopping and a million other chores to do, it’s crunch time. If it helps you the way it does me to relax by looking at something peaceful, I offer the swan that came to visit our lake for the first time all year Thursday while the party was going on. I guess he needed some holiday fellowship too. With my warm wishes to each of you.




7 comments on “Season’s greetings from Goose Lake

  1. Your picture prompted this:


    A lone swan scripts
    her singular signature
    across the slate of pond,
    and me too far away
    to read that journal.

    We are all connected
    with such tenuous ties:
    writing in water
    where a single wave,
    or the heavy wash

    from the feet
    of an earnest swan,
    can wash away.
    the small autograph
    of our passing lives.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. “Journal” is a solitary still moment at this time of hustle + bustle.
    Beautiful poem/photograph pair. This blog, the readers, the contributors + DLH who ties us all together are streaming gifts. Jane, your autograph writ large in our passing lives, fortunately stays.

    • Changed that second “wash” to “erases”. Paul Valery said (later picked up and refined by John Ciardi) “A poem is never finished, it’s abandoned.”

      Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Thanks for inviting us to the party, David – it was nice to see so many folks there! Your picture and Jane’s poem (and her John Ciardi quote) inspired this:

    none left to witness
    its solitary beauty
    ugly duckling

    – © 2015 Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

  4. Here’s one of mine, published in my e-book, GOOSE LAKE.

    Swan Lakes

    Two crystal swans swim
    the mirror on our table,
    etched feathers flashing white
    fire in the slanted early light.

    They face the lake
    beyond the window,
    gazing serenely toward

    the solitary swan
    adrift on the water,
    divided from its mate
    by the fate of the living,

    who at this moment
    unknowingly faces our window
    at this splendid pair,
    but unaware.

    — (c) David L. Harrison

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