Taking a short break

Hi everyone,

Maybe you have all your shopping done and your clutter tidied and your decorations up, but I don’t. I’ve been sitting here for an hour looking for my blog muse but I fear she’s buried under the debris composting on my desk.

Which tells me it’s time to take a little break and attend to other details of life around here. Besides, Publisher’s Weekly just gave me a tepid review and I need time to suck my thumb and pout.

Onward and upward everyone. Back soon.



19 comments on “Taking a short break

  1. Just think, if you didn’t put out books, you wouldn’t be in danger of tepid reviews. But what sort of life would THAT be? Hugs and have a good break!

  2. After a Bad/Tepid Review

    The glory of writing
    Is writing
    The horror of writing?
    If had my choice
    Of writing/not writing,
    I sure know which one
    I would choose.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  3. David: Alas, sorry to hear about that dang review. From a review that sucks, to you sucking your thumb, to me trying not to suck up, the whole mess needs to go. Chuck it … and have a great Christmas!

  4. Rhyming master –
    keen, intrepid –
    eschews reviews
    that deem him tepid.

    So tell me – when was the last time Publisher’s Weekly wrote a poem, eh??? Hang in there, David…a less-than-stellar review is, as many here have noted, much better than no review at all! Happy Christmas!

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