Christmas reflections

BULLETIN: If you would like to read again a Christmas story that I’ve posted more than once, here’s the link.

Hi everyone,

For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! For those who don’t, it’s the thought that counts.

Who needs the migraine jangling bell,
The tunes I’ve heard and heard before,
Total strangers wishing me well?

Who needs to care what others want,
Shop until your feet are sore,
Until you’re weary, worn, and gaunt?

Who needs to buy to such excess,
Maxing credit out the wazoo?
You may like it, but I digress . . .

Who needs the hugs, the loving kiss,
Giggling children, the family crew?
Who needs the bond, the joy, the bliss?

I do.

From our house to yours,
With love,
David and Sandy


18 comments on “Christmas reflections

  1. Oh now, your verses are wonderful, Friend David.
    Here’s hoping that your day is merry!
    May your & Sandy’s coming year be full of joy,
    Books & friends – no editors contrary!



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