Turns out that KNOW is a good word

Hi everyone,

I’m having a swell time reading all your delightful and creative responses to the December Word of the Month. If you haven’t been following these poems, which are all inspired by the word KNOW, click on the box Adult W.O.M. Poems and scroll down through the poems and comments. Better yet, post your own poem. You KNOW you want to.

Jane Yolen and Cheryl Harness posted directly onto the blog posts back in the early days of the month, and Jeanne Poland posted her blog link to invite you to her spot. I think everyone else has posted in the W.O.M. box. So far these include, Bryn Strudwick, Linda Baie, Mary Nida Smith, Jane Heitman Healy, Linda Boyden, Kathleen Mazurowski, Karen Eastlund, Cory Corrado, and “bluerabbit."

Have I missed anyone? Let me know if I have so I can add you to the growing list of December poets!


11 comments on “Turns out that KNOW is a good word

  1. From the Last Gasper. Best to Everyone!


    It’s a go with know, So?
    Sew buttons on your pants
    pants on fire, liar, liar
    Lyre strums a season carol
    Carol sang it all night through
    threw a ribbon at her hair
    hare startled by her throw
    Thoreau, tempted, tweaked the bow
    beau of Carol took a peek
    peak of snow in sight
    site of chaos …..

    See what you started?


    you just didn’t KNOW.

    Reluctantly, Gene Belmont (c) 2015

  2. Known and Unknown: A flash and a flame what was it’s name? Visions flow flickering in and out inside….smoldering…..Shaking solidifying , undeniable to life the game that doesn’t stop.

  3. Winding Ways: When you think you understand. Learn…change…keep… These mysterious things are painted rich with color as its visions spill in and out like an ever flowing river of the mind

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