Year end blog summary

Hi everyone,

Word Press provides a summary each December of the year’s activities on my blog. I wish I also received a Facebook summary. Total visits to the blog are down somewhat but Facebook visits seem to be up significantly. The number of followers has increased and currently stands at 2,260.

In 2015 my blog was visited by folks in 135 countries. The two most active days were my blog parties (June and December). Posts about poems for two voices and poetry writing tips (both posted originally in 2010) made the top five most visited posts again as they do every year.

In 2015 I posted on 332 days and the longest string was 49 days in a row. That’s more than I posted in 2014 so I wanted you to know that I wasn’t goo foffing off all the time!

My thanks to all for joining me, as you often do, with comments, suggestions, and shared work. I’m always delighted to hear from you. Most people don’t leave comments so I know that visitors have dropped by but don’t know who you are. That’s fine, too, if you find matters of interest here.

For now I have no plans to drop the blog or change my posting habits. I grumble from time to time about the effort it takes but I’m still here. Most mornings I sit down, type “Hi everyone,” and hope something comes to mind. Most mornings something does.

And so with gratitude to all, I’ll start the new year by typing the same greeting, and see what 2016 inspires me to write about.


8 comments on “Year end blog summary

  1. That is a handsome quote Linda shared. Consider this one: “Celebrate what you want to see more of,” Tom Peters (some highly paid motivational fall) That said, a tip of my beanie to your blog, dear David

    • Tom has been out there flailing away for some time now. I used to buy his motivational tapes for employees back in my block company days. Thanks for the beanie tip, dear Cheryl.

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