The first word of the month for 2016 is . . .

Hi everyone,

I hope you celebrated the beginning of the new year in proper fashion. My thanks for the good ideas for words to consider for this bright new 2016.

Since this is the beginning, I chose to go with that word from the list. Our first W.O.M. challenge for 2016, is BEGIN. If you prefer BEGINNING, that’s fine too. It’s the thought that counts.

So let’s see what our muses make of this. I’m already considering how to harness the strength of BEGIN to make a poem to share.

And off we go!



7 comments on “The first word of the month for 2016 is . . .

  1. Beginning Advice to a New Writer

    But starting is not all,
    Even if it is an onus
    Going forward is not all,
    In fact it is a ruse.
    Never ending is the trick
    Neatly tied-up is a bonus.
    I forget if there’s a winner,
    Never think you have to lose.
    GO FOR IT!

    (Read down the initial letters!)

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Good morning, Jane, and thank you for getting us off and running! “Never ending is the trick” is my favorite line and advice. Close second: “Never think you have to lose.” Wisdom that all need to remember as we navigate this maze called writing.

  2. Here and now
    I begin
    to be,
    not to imagine
    or genuflect
    to someone else’s
    of what is
    but rather
    to be,
    as a
    Here and now
    I begin
    to be.

    • Hi Pam, and welcome.

      I post the new word each month on the last day of the old month or the first of the new month.

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