Let’s do it

Hi everyone,

David speaking, 1-16-14Time to settle back into our routines. I have errands this morning but this afternoon I should be right here plinking away on the keys. I’ll spend some time with a co-author about a project we’re developing. On Wednesday I’m doing a short video via Skype. Next week is a school visit and a meeting with a different co-author about a book we’re revamping. So things are beginning to hum to life again.
Cory's Tree
Thanks, Cory Corrado for posting the first poem of the month under the “Adult W.O.M. Poems” page. I trust it’s only the BEGINNING of a long list of good reading that will usher us through the frosty month of January. The beautiful photo was published by Cory in one of her books. I always love looking at it.

2 comments on “Let’s do it

  1. Thank you, David.
    I remember – October 22, 2007- During one of my walks in the nature park near my home, this beautiful tree mesmerized me, inspiring this poem-

    Padding alone in the amber woods
    silence stills the autumn air,
    a whisper calls through the trees
    drawing my gaze into the blue frieze.

    A silhouette I behold, beauty and grace –
    limbs slender lithely s t r e t c h
    leaves toddle, boughs s w a y –
    Mesmerized, I join the ballet.

    I included it in Nature Inspires, my first, ‘self-published’ book (2011)- a collection of poems and photos inspired by the beauty in my backyard and a little beyond. I find much inspiration and wonder there.

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