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Hi everyone,
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Sometimes I feel like Johnny One-Note. I’m a biologist. Nature appeals to me. I observe, consider, and report on what I see around me. I’ve been like this since I was in grade school. Even when I don’t write about the natural world, my education and passion inform my work. There isn’t much chance that I’ll change.

Some of you live in cities of considerable size. You might have come from a smaller town or rural area, but these days you’re accustomed to tall buildings, cultural events, major museums, and the hustle bustle of the city.

Though I know there are fans of Goose Lake among you, others must groan and roll your eyes when I trot out another tale of life around a small lake in a community of 150,000 people in the southwestern corner of a state in the middle of the country. The population of Missouri would fit into New York City with 2 million people left over.

On the other hand, the population center of the United States has been located in Missouri for the past four decades and currently resides in Wright County, about 60 miles east of where I’m typing this. I like sitting near the center with a balanced number of Americans above, below and to either side of me. One of these days I’ll give you some history about the settling of this area. It’s an interesting story, at least to me. One of the scholars I might quote spent his career studying our genealogy and interviewing people in our more secluded regions. Of his various books about us, a personal favorite is called PISSING IN THE SNOW.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. What I want to know is, what are YOU interested in? What do YOU want to talk about? Chalk this off to New Year navel gazing but I really do care and want to include as many interests as I can in 2016. That’s my resolution.


10 comments on “Other things to talk about

    • Randolph was quite a collector. Some of the humor was salty but it painted a picture of the times and significant subjects.

  1. Of course, you know I love nature, but I love all the good things in life. I have lived in several states mostly in small towns and I always read books on the history of that state or area.Being a freelance reporter I was always researching and asking questions.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. Anyone else into this enough to take a lead with Jeanne in telling us more? If not, Jeanne, it may be up to you to begin.

  2. There are MANY variations on this theme: There are two kinds of people, i.e. ‘some are bulldozers/some are swamps’…’some are Pepsi; some are Coke’ Some like family reunions [w/ actual relatives] / some like Family in Theory, i.e. GENEALOGY. Like, who was your mama’s mama, David?
    Cheryl H, < Elaine Wolfe < Eulah Brown < Emma Blackledge, who was born in the spring of 1863…

    • Ahhh, let the “conversating” begin! On the health side, I don’t follow much of the research but a lot of money has gone into tracking mutant genes through generations. The more we know about our lineage, the better equipped we can be to anticipate dangerous turns that might be in our own futures.

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