National Court Your Muse Day

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to say that Word of the Month is still going strong more then six years after it began. No plans to discontinue it.

However, now and then I invite others with good prompts to pay us a visit and challenge us. Pat Lewis has been here several times, which reminds me that I need to invite him again.

Many of you are familiar with dozens of other blog spots. Sadly, I almost never pay the courtesy of visiting other sites. It’s a failing of mine and didn’t even make it into the Top 10 Resolutions for improvement. My strong habit is to attend to my own post and then plunge directly into work.

So you can be my eyes and ears on this one. Who else is out there challenging poets with stimulating prompts? Maybe I can invite them to do a guest spot here. With your help, we should explore other ways to court our muses. I hereby declare this 9th day of January to be NATIONAL COURT YOUR MUSE DAY. It’s high time we recognized them for their hard work on our behalf!

By the way, is your muse female, male, or more like Tinker Bell?


6 comments on “National Court Your Muse Day

  1. Happy new year, David! Sorry I haven’t been around much…I’m trying to keep up with what’s happening, but with 2 young kids, my voiceover business, and writing, I have almost no spare time! Michelle H. Barnes, Laura Purdie Salas, and Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect always have great challenges which I tend to have less and less time to tackle, as much as I want to! And although I only did it twice last year, I’ve had a lot of positive response from my “Poetry Cubed” challenge.

    As for my muse…I can’t really say I have one! I used to – it was my first wife, then my kids, then my second wife, and although my two younger kids now provide a great deal of inspiration for me, I have found myself becoming more and more comfortable utilizing Pat’s and Jane’s “BIC” rule: Butt In Chair! Do. The. Work, as they say. If inspiration doesn’t strike, you create it yourself!

    Congratulations on all your early 2016 successes, David…I’ll do my best to stay in touch!

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for mentioning these sites. I know all three but it’s good to be reminded. I’ll follow up as I can. I’ll also ask to learn more about your poetry cubed challenge so stand by.

      With or without a muse, you’ll be busy again this year I know. Good luck in all you do.

  2. David
    My muse morphs each day. You were the muse who taught me to blog. Joy taught me to network with poets. Yesterday my grand daughter taught me to cartoon myself as an owl with red hair. My son followed her lead and turned me and partner into owl and squirrel.
    Patrick Lewis taught me to combine Poetry Books with National Geographic.And Matt Forrest showed me how to set up the media at your workshop that spawned the wonderful shots of you shaking your maracas at Highlights! On and on and on……..

    • Lucky girl! Such a choir of muses. All in all, you have plenty to keep you busy, Jeanne. (And thanks for posting your owl and squirrel!) What fun.

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