Out with the old

Hi everyone,

Okay I’m going to do it. I can’t live another day without cleaning out the drawer beside my bathroom sink and the shelves below it. They look like a museum for ancient prescription bottles, toothbrushes from four cleanings ago, and things in tubes with expiration dates like 2011. I can’t stand it any longer.

I don’t recognize much of the stuff and don’t remember why I ever had prescriptions with such instructions as “Take twice daily for pain.” I gave up wearing contacts ten years ago but I kept the cleaning solution and, I’m sure, the contacts are buried in there somewhere. Ditto the prescription glasses I was wearing when I had cataract surgery four years ago.

I’m going to march in there this minute and clean out the whole rat’s nest. It’s disgraceful. I would be horrified if anyone saw it, including my kids. That’s one thing keeping me alive.

Later on today I’m going to hit it hard. Right after breakfast. Actually, I work better in the afternoon, say sometime after lunch.

I forgot that we’re going out this evening. This is getting complicated. But tomorrow if I don’t do another thing, I’m going to clean out my bathroom! Don’t let me forget!


6 comments on “Out with the old


    Procrastiination is my name.
    Putting off, my awful shame.
    And I will change my sinful ways
    Right now–or in a couple days.

    Closet diving needs a Hero,
    Manly, macho (maybe Shero!)
    I will get those shelves cleaned out
    At once (today) I have no doubt.

    But first a lie-down seems in order.
    Honestly, I’m NOT a hoarder.
    In an hour, two–I’d say–
    I’ll get things done and right away,


    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • We just never know what we’ll need for a prop or inspiration, Bryn. You have a two-car garage filled with matchless treasures!

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