Gotter done!

SPECIAL NOTE: I had a fine time yesterday at Watkins Elementary School. Thanks to all the students and teachers who were so kind to me and to my friend Debbie Loeber for arranging the visit.

Hi everyone,

20160110_104839_resizedA little frosty around here. Don’t have the snow many of you have received, but night temperatures have fallen into low teens or single digits. Pretty day yesterday though.

And I proudly announce that I did clean up my bathroom yesterday. I carried two wastebaskets to the trash can. The oldest prescription dated back to when I was 44 years old. Yeah, I know.

Then my M.O.W. made me start on the office. I threw away journals that were ten years old, reorganized my reference bookcase, and made several trips to the garage with more trash. I also went through seven notebooks that held old speeches from the days of overheads and threw them all away. Sandy made off with the empty notebooks so that helped too.


8 comments on “Gotter done!

  1. NO NO NO don’t throw away journals and process-papers, donate to where your other papers are–Kerlan or local university. Those things are precious to child lit scholars, especially tthese days when most stuff is done digitally and will be lost forever.

    • You’re right, Jane. I should have donated them. There were hundreds of pages but mostly on acetate for overhead presentations. I did salvage a few pages here and there plus some others that were printed on paper. Probably 90% are gone now, picked up in the trash yesterday morning.

    • Thank you, Teresa. I do have others. There are several boxes of my papers in the basement, several in the garage, and more than a dozen in the archival library at Central Missouri State University. Some of the speeches have been published but of course they’re scattered and would be a collector’s nightmare. CMSU has a collection of every book I’ve had published but I don’t think their search extends to journals and other print media.

    • Sigh. It’s hard to know what to toss and what to keep. I can’t keep track of my stuff, Jane, and I can’t imagine how you do.

  2. I have a Heidi. (Youo could probably get a student intern from the ujiversity studying children’s lit history or working with the old and rare boks department, or library science. We justbpackage up everything according to books and send it to the Kerlan.

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