My W.O.M. poem

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the early postings of your Word of the Month poems. Here’s one from me.

Before I Begin
by David L. Harrison

Before I begin I
will find an eraser
in case I decide to
begin with a pencil,
but then again maybe
I’ll look for a pen or
just sit at the keyboard
and ferret out phrases.

But coffee!
I’d better
go after a refill
with maybe an apple or
chocolate or something.
And cleaning this clutter
will just take a minute.
Before I begin it
I’ll straighten this picture.
And presto I’m ready!
But somehow the notion
I thought was so brilliant
is gone and forgotten.
I’m going to bed.



7 comments on “My W.O.M. poem

  1. I love the ending of your poem. Yes, there are so many things to keep us from writing. Anyway, you’re working late and probably should go to bed before you do something stupid.

    • Good morning (here), Joy. I hope this catches you sleeping well. All these time zones can make things confusing. Glad to hear from you as always.

  2. As much as I love your poem, Mr. Brilliant, I like the photos even more.

    Beginning is Only Beginning, Alas

    Well begun is half done
    Some cluck who’s dead
    Is said to have said
    Who believes THAT? Anyone?

    How delightful to BEGIN
    Hopes are high
    Ideas & images fly
    Then droop & die once you’re in

    Into the word-by-word work
    Oh sure, you might rejoice
    At a character’s signal voice
    Then the muse goes silent. Jerk.

    The big idea withers & thins
    But I spy another, juicy & fat –
    That’s the one – I’ll do THAT!
    A fresh file! How thrilling, to BEGIN!

    Cheryl H

    • Well I know when I’ve been put in the shade, dear Cheryl!! I love it. Thanks for classing up the joint this pretty January morning. XO

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