New Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

I know this month’s word is BEGIN, but I also said you could go with BEGINNING if that suited you better. So here’s an example of BEGINNING.

by David L. Harrison
In the beginning,
no one knew
boys from girls.
We all used leaves
and the sexes
were indistinguishable.

Corncobs followed,
a rough improvement
that threw little light
on the mystery.

The breakthrough came
when trees
turned into paper
spun onto rolls
mounted on walls.
Boys are overs,
girls are unders —
scientific proof.
At last we know!


10 comments on “New Word of the Month poem

  1. No way are “girls unders.” Just ask MOW. We’re the ones who started the whole controversy and we KNOW the right way is our way. The paper goes over the top. If it weren’t for us the used rolls would never get changed out. That’s my position and I’m sticking to it.

    • Ha ha, Joy. M.O.W. is strictly an under girl and I’m an over. Are you saying that my scientific survey isn’t large enough?

  2. I’ve never thought of it as a gender thing. If it hangs over, there’s less chance of it touching a steamed-up wall and getting damp.

    • Good morning, Linda. Thanks for joining this raging debate. Maybe my scientific paper isn’t ready for publication!

    • Wow! Don’t tell me my M.O.W. is the ONLY under girl! She and I need to have a little talk about how she has skewed my findings!

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