The waiting game

Hi everyone,

The other day I checked my book with Tim Rasinski, RHYMES FOR THE TIMES, LITERACY STRATEGIES THROUGH SOCIAL STUDIES, on Amazon to see if there was anything shaking yet. The title was issued about twenty days ago.
One reason I checked was because my name doesn’t appear in the “about the authors” paragraph. I notified our editor some time back that I would appreciate a little acknowledgement and I’m sure she’ll handle it, but so far, nada. My name’s on the book of course, just not in the write-up.
The upcoming trade book, NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T, doesn’t come out until February 16 so there is no rating yet and readers can’t review it until it is released. But the book is still ranked even though you can’t buy it. Here’s what it says.
6,354,606: overall ranking
4,099: zoology
10,723: poetry
53,538: science and how it works

Am I right in assuming that these numbers represent how many books Amazon makes available and how many they group in these categories? Good grief!

If I’m correct, I only need 10,723 people to order my book online and I’ll rank #1 in poetry. This is much easier than I thought!


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