Next book of school poems

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
I’ve now seen a couple of early pictures for an upcoming book of school poems. I can’t talk about it yet but these aren’t about typical students. Not sure when the book will make it to release but probably 2018. I finished my work in 2015. I finished a new collection a couple of weeks ago and it’s out to its first editor. Who knows when or whether it will eventually be in a store near you. The process takes soooooo long. Some days it seems like all I do is make lists of where I might want to send this or that. I tend to overburden editors with too many projects. Not good for business I’m sure but when I finish a manuscript I can’t bear to leave it in a drawer.

Some editors don’t mind having more than one piece at a time; others do. Some don’t want to receive multiple submissions; others don’t mind. Marketing one’s own work takes a lot of time and thought, which is why so many writers (and artists) prefer to rely on an agent to handle this part of their business so they can focus on the creative side.

In the mid-80s I tried an agent and by mutual agreement we parted ways after one year. I was in a writing funk and producing mostly lousy manuscripts so it wasn’t his fault that he only sold one thing and it was to an editor I’d basically pre-sold. I don’t remember his name, agency, or how we met. He’s somewhere down my river of memories and the current’s too strong to get him back. I’ve thought on occasion that I should have given it another try once I got my groove back but somehow another year passes without making the effort, and another and another. Maybe it’s just as well. If I didn’t have to stop now and then to puzzle over where to send my work, my files would soon overflow with manuscripts.


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