The Purchase of Small Secrets

Hi everyone,

As you may recall, I’m investing far too much time tracking down my published poetry. I hope to finish next week. I’m enjoying discovering some poems that haven’t surfaced in a while. I’m reminded that not every poem is destined for the poetry hall of fame, but some seem pretty good. I don’t know what my average is but I’m not too disappointed. Here’s one I still like.

the beast paused here
where I stand,
raised its great head,
sniffed for danger
or food,
moved on,

Leaving in the clay
a single footprint
to prove it was here.

I stand where it stood,
look where it looked,
and wonder
what I can do
to leave a footprint
to prove I was here.

(c) Boyds Mills Press, 1998
By permission of the author

8 comments on “The Purchase of Small Secrets

  1. I wish I’d known this poem a few years ago. My students researched the land on which our school stood, all those layers, and footprints. Beautiful, David. We have a place here in the mountains where they’ve uncovered dinosaur footprints. It’s an awesome thing to see. Happy hunting to you & keep sharing!

    • Hi Linda,
      I had dinosaur prints in mind as I wrote the poem. Isn’t it surprising to find evidence of those creatures at a high elevation? I wonder if the mountain is newer than the tracks.

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