From Alligator in the Closet

Hi everyone,

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this forever. But here’s another oldie goldie that turned up, this one from THE ALLIGATOR IN THE CLOSET, one of the titles that just went out of print.
Death of a Wasp

Bumping at the windowpane
He fought against the solid air
That held him as a prisoner there,
But all his struggles were in vain.

Never comprehending glass
Clear as air that stopped him hard
And blocked his freedom to the yard,
Repeatedly he tried to pass.

Eventually he lost his fight
And perished on a sunny sill
Facing toward his freedom still,
Wings awry in broken flight.

He had a name, Trypoxylon,
A small but vibrant living thing
Who came in by the door in spring
And in a day or two was gone.

–(c) David L. Harrison

9 comments on “From Alligator in the Closet

      • You have such good ideas. I’m approaching the end of this scavenger hunt for old poems. Next it might be fun to dumpster dive to see what might turn up. XO!

    • Meant to mention that when my editor, Wendy Murray, read this poem, it touched her and she asked if I could write enough other poems in that vein to make a whole book. CONNECTING DOTS was the result.

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