For what it’s worth . . .

Hi everyone,
David as bookends IMAG2753
I’m nearly finished with this self-imposed task of bringing my published poems together. The total so far is 600+. They have been published in 14 trade titles under my name plus numerous anthologies and professional books for teachers and students. By running the poems one after another to save space, the 53,000 word document is up to 450 pages. Included in the total are the poems in NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T, due out in two weeks, but not those in the other three books of poetry under contract.

I’m certain that I alone will find this information of much interest but the project has kept me occupied for a while and given my muse a much needed vacation.

Now it’s back to work!


4 comments on “For what it’s worth . . .

    • Thank you, Matt. No, I haven’t gathered the blog poems yet. They will add up to another 75 or so. I guess I’d better stick with this little project for a while longer. I have many unpublished poems, too, but that’s another project another time.

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