Thanks to Michelle Barnes for interview and poetry challenge

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Michelle Barnes posted an interview and I invited you to visit her on her blog:
Michelle Barnes
What I didn’t mention is that Michelle asks her guests to suggest a poetry prompt and I chose Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for my model. Michelle calls her series “Today’s Little Ditty” so I chose DITTY for my prompt word.

SO! Throughout this month poets who accept the challenge can post poems inspired by DITTY and I expect an interesting assortment of interpretations. I hope you are among them. There will also be a drawing for a copy of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. See Michelle’s post for instructions.

Thanks to all,



4 comments on “Thanks to Michelle Barnes for interview and poetry challenge

  1. It was an awesome interview! I never cease to be be amazed at your varied and fascinating life and career, how you succeed at pretty much everything you do, and how you are always a sweet and upstanding human being. You’ve set a gold standard for me and everyone!

    • Good morning, Teresa. Many thanks for your sweet words. I’m glad you enjoyed Michelle’s handiwork. I thought she did a great job.

    • My pleasure, Michelle! I’m beginning to see some familiar faces and I’m glad that Jane has already written some ditties. Let’s hope that other follow.

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