What’s on your plate today?

Hi everyone,

20160209_061315_resized Looks like a nice day coming up although the high might not reach 50. Coffee’s good. Fireplace is lit. I’m imagining the faces of many of you whom I know, bent over your phones and keyboards, cranking up your own days. How will you spend today?

This morning I’ll finish judging a group of essays and work on my “ditty” poem for Michelle Barnes. Have you tried one yet? I have a couple of other projects in the schedule so I’ll do my best to get to at least one.


20 comments on “What’s on your plate today?

  1. Electrician this morning. Shoveling the walk (if I can’t con someone younger to do it),
    writer’s group, hair appointment, see a friend’s gallery show, pick up a framed painting, finish working on a picture book rewrite with Heidi.

  2. Electrician canceled, luckily–which means I get to go over the copyedit notes from son Adam on our final novel in the Seelie Wars trilogy, which will make the editor relieved.

    Two poems crossing in mid air? Near missives?

  3. Watching the sun come up with subtle shades of red–listening to Hawaiian music checking on Facebook friends. Soon the deck crew comes to start blasting away on our backyard project. My plate will be full whether I want it to be or not:)

  4. Mimi the Shih Tzu & I have taken our walk. I read her Dear Abby’s daily newspaper column, but Mimi showed no interest. I had my cereal, coffee, & looked up a quote for today’s Birthday Person how in the sam hill can Carole King be 74 already, that’s what I wonder! I packed up a Laura Ingalls Wilder Coloring Book for a customer in Johnstown, PA, which called to mind the flood + David McCullough’s book about the flood. Now I’m going to fuss w/ a book of my own. Or rearrange pictures on my bedroom wall. Or paint one. Whichsoever.

  5. I am awash in writing poems for Laura Shovan’s challenge, but that ‘ditty’ & the ‘leaves’ are on my list too. Today, a dental appointment & exercise, of course reading & writing. Will look for that ditty from you!

    • Everyone is so busy! I just sent my ditty poem to Michelle. Not sure what happens next. I’ll look into Laura’s challenge.

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