Poetry workshop in 2016?

Hi everyone,
David on rock 5
For those who are following Michelle Barnes’s blog and my challenge to write a poem inspired by the word DITTY, you can visit her site today to see my own ditty entry. The link: http://michellehbarnes.blogspot.com .

Thanks to all who sent me ideas about the kind of poetry workshop you’d like to see if I were to do another one. I took them all into consideration as I designed a potential workshop for later this year. I also reviewed critiques from those who attended past events. I’m pleased with the outline that I shared with the folks at Highlights Foundation Workshops and they like it too. Nothing final yet but I may make the official announcement soon.

Meanwhile we head out in the morning in the general direction of Ft. Lauderdale where we’ll leave on Saturday for a cruise. I don’t expect to have WiFi during that week but will get back to you as soon as I can after that.


8 comments on “Poetry workshop in 2016?

    • Thank you, Michelle. I’m sure I’ll be inspired to hear other ditties while I’m away. Meanwhile, keep a lantern lit.

    • Thank you, Teresa. About time to start packing. Let’s see — sandals, shorts, t-shirts, books. Yep, I’m about ready. (:>

  1. Have fun on your cruise! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a workshop with you. I have been hoping for a good excuse to get back to Boyds Mills and you teaching a workshop would be the best excuse I could dream of.

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