So far so good

Hi everyone,

Early reviews for NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T are looking good. Well . . . two out of three are.
Kirkus starred it and said,”The poems are graceful and often humorous, giving good introductions to the reasons behind each animal’s protective coloration. The illustrations, which involve ‘drawing, cutting, painting, and gluing,’ likewise effectively convey how camouflage works, without pretense of photorealism… Endnotes, cover, and layout all add to a thoughtful, well-executed book. An attractive, informative blend of science and the arts.”

The Library Journal says, “The verse is brief but catchy, and Harrison’s sound use of rhythm and rhyme results in offerings that are pleasant to read aloud. Each poem is accompanied by an illustration done in cut-paper relief on hand-painted papers… lively and engaging… An altogether appealing volume for young poetry aficionados and animal lovers alike.

Then there’s Publisher’s Weekly: “Harrison’s reliance on conventional rhymes can lend a singsong quality to some of the entries, however (‘Sun settles,/ shadows creep,/ a piping voice begins to peep’). Laroche’s (If You Lived Here) layered paper collages create impressive depth, texture, and detail, though the scenes can also feel somewhat static at times.”

Really? Huh! Way to keep the average down, PW. The book doesn’t go on sale until February 16 but advance orders are already bringing it up in the ratings and I’m pleased about that.

Tomorrow may be my last post for a week or so and I’ll talk about an interesting article I just read by a reviewer.


15 comments on “So far so good

  1. Really looking forward to sharing this book with the grands. Hmmm. “An attractive, informative blend of science and the arts.” Sounds as if the reviewer is describing YOU, David!

  2. Sing-Songy is good when I read them to my grandchildren. They learn them fast, love to “listen” to them, and on. Maybe PW doesn’t read poetry aloud! Happy Travels, David. The book is on its way to my house!

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