Back on land

Hi everyone,

A quick note to say we enjoyed the cruise and have returned to land. I’ll remain inconsistent for a while but wanted to touch base.

It’s the first time in a week that I’ve had Internet so I’m excited to see that NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T is officially available. I hope to see some reader comments on Amazon and B&N soon. Same for RHYMES FOR THE TIMES. I’m feeling fat and content with two new books out at the same time.

4 comments on “Back on land

  1. Good for you, dear friend, & good LUCK getting your land legs back. I’m just off the phone w/ Sweet Susan Hutchens, who got to see you & Ms. Sandy out on the beautiful sea-sickening seas, on the same cruise – what were the chances?? Come home safe & frisky, m’dear.

    • Hello back! I hope that Danny sends me the picture he took of Susan and lucky me on the same cruise. The odds? I should be buying lottery tickets!

      I’m already hundreds of e-mails behind. It’s hopeless I tell you! Meanwhile, hey back and eager to resume something akin to normal. XO

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