A very important library

BULLETIN: Ms. Libby Payne, Media Specialist for The Sanibel School, Sanibel, Florida, has just shared some student poems. I’m visiting their school this Friday so I’m especially happy to meet some kids in advance through their poems. To read these poems and comment, click on “Young Poets W.O.M. Poems.” Thank you Libby!

Hi everyone,

Some of you will remember Tadeusz Glowinski, the remarkable man in Poland who maintains a library in his home for the benefit of citizens of his community. Teddy lost his computer and records several months ago and is struggling to regain his equilibrium and move on with his passionate mission.

I just sent a new book to Teddy. If you are moved to assist, here’s how you can get in touch:

ul. Waly Jagiellonskie 20
56-400 Olesnica
Poland – Polska

Bless those who love books so much that they dedicate their lives to making them available to others. I don’t know Teddy’s needs but I’m sure he will respond to questions.
Here’s the link. https://davidlharrison.wordpress.com/category/tadeusz-glowinski .


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