Jesse and Grace live performance today

BULLETIN: More poems from the students at Sanibel School. Check them out!

Hi everyone,

Sandy AsherI’m pleased to report that the award-winning play Sandy Asher wrote based on our script, JESSE AND GRACE, is being performed today, tomorrow, and Saturday at Carpenter Middle School in Plano, Texas. David from 417 MagazineThe book version is being read by a couple of editors so we hope to see it published as a book one of these days. In the meantime our pair of fourth graders are doing just fine on school stages and we’re proud of them.

For anyone interested in bringing the play to his or her school, here’s a helpful link.

We also collaborated for the school play, SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK, which Sandy wrote based on my poetry from several books. It, too, is available through Dramatic Publishing.


2 comments on “Jesse and Grace live performance today

  1. Break a leg to the gang at Carpenter Middle School in Plano, TX! Meanwhile, life goes on for Jesse and Grace — in spite of all obstacles. You asked for an update, David, so here goes:

    For some time now, I’ve been wanting to go back to our original book manuscript and try J&G again as a two-person play. When Jon Kovach, the brilliant young man you saw back there in the control booth at “Walking Toward America” in NYC, read our manuscript and announced he was interested in developing it as a vehicle for himself and a friend, I was inspired to get started. My plan was to go through the manuscript on the train to and from FL last week, but we had no WiFi in either direction and for some reason my MacBook Air decided that without WiFi it couldn’t let me work on my Word documents. (Anyone who can explain that, hop right in here.) Fortunately, I’d brought along a hard copy of the book manuscript, so I was able to make many notes and cuts and so on by hand. And I did.

    Now I’ve got to find time to enter all of that on the Word document and send it off to Jon. Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of producers thinking about bringing Jon and Friend in to work on the script in rehearsal spaces and perhaps perform it. And Jon is looking around to see what else he can find to smooth the path.

    Wish us . . . um . . . broken legs!

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