Word of the Month word for March is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’m still drawing words from the list of those suggested by you. For March, let’s go with SLUSH. Seems fitting to me.

To Libby Payne and all the teachers and their young poets at Sanibel School who contributed poems in February, thank you. I hope you’ll be back and will spread the word among other teachers and students about the fun of playing Word of the Month.


5 comments on “Word of the Month word for March is . . .

  1. Slush

    There is something coldly plush
    about March slush–
    an igloo sofa, to sit on
    while eating walrus mush,
    that oily gruel,
    as we head towards the cruelest month.

    A touch of icy brush,
    a bush below the nose
    made of old snow,
    lips blushed from an old kiss,
    dissuaded smiles, and miles to go
    before sleep’s crush.

    Cold head on the cush-
    ion-charged flush
    on each cheek.
    A week of wonder
    till the snow falls again,
    but for now, no rush.

    How we gush
    when that fairy fall
    salts each tree and bush,
    the world white, hushed.
    But then the melt
    And what we have felt

    Turns grey, torn, lumpen,
    begins its push
    towards slush,
    that final escutch-
    eon’s of practice,
    cold to the touch.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Good morning, friend Jane. You’ve been on my mind to ask if you’re settled in by now and here you are demonstrating that you are indeed up to speed and going strong. Thank you for leading us off in March!

  2. Love the word, and Jane’s poem to inspire. We are actually wishing for the “slush”, haven’t had a bit for a long time. I remember Missouri though, not so good! Glad you had fun on Sanibel & Captiva. We’ll be there in early summer this time. Happy March, David.

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