Found art

Hi everyone,

Lots of shells this year. In my youth I would have been busy filling sacks with treasures. These days I rely on my ever present phone camera. Love the birds along the shore.
I’m making progress this week but am still on the first manuscript revisions. I’ll probably finish up that one tomorrow. The other projects will just have to wait a few days longer than expected.

5 comments on “Found art

  1. The Calligraphy of Birds

    Some write on sand,
    secret hieroglyphs,
    tracked symbols.

    Some write on water,
    a bold script
    challenging the waves.

    Some write on air,
    that blue slate continually
    erasing itself.

    Their writing indecipherable
    as Chinese, Arabic
    or Russian to me,

    and as beautiful.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • So just-right, Jane. I love this! I can’t stop pointing my camera toward that blue slate that keeps erasing itself. Perfect.

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