Another day of forced fun

Hi everyone,

We ate at Harry T’s last night. I got to sit across the table from Robin and Jeff. 20160308_175527_resized

Plans today are to finish revising the story I mentioned and get it back to my editor. I still owe the kitty a Word of the Month poem so that will be next.

I’m expecting the edited manuscript from another editor this week. If it comes today, I’ll start on those fixes. If not, I’ll get back to the poetry chapter notes and start an outline.
Whatever happens, time will pass quickly and before I know it I’ll be forced to relax and play. I hope I’ll be gracious.


4 comments on “Another day of forced fun

  1. switching off, settling down, letting one’s mind go walkabout – it all does call for a kind of surrender – reminds me of what Edna Ferber said about being an old maid, that it was like drowning: rather pleasant once you give up the struggle

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