A special day

Hi everyone,

Sandy and DavidToday is my birthday. It will be a good day. I typed this yesterday to post today while Sandy, Robin, and Jeff go shopping for me. I’ve been unable to think of anything I want although yesterday I walked into a book store and bought a copy of Rick Bragg’s book, MY SOUTHERN JOURNEY. Someone could have given me the book for my birthday but I didn’t think of it in time.

My dad had his first heart attack when he was 62. I lived past that. He died when he was 78 and now I’ve lived past that milestone too. My mother lived to 99. Yay, Mom. Good idea.

Nothing profound on my mind today. I plan to spend the hours enjoying my family. Later on I might go looking for turtles.


23 comments on “A special day

  1. Well then, it IS a special day isn’t it! Wishing you all things happy today, surrounded by some of your most favorite people in the world. Yet another reason to like you, David– you were born within a month of my dad (who you remind me of quite a bit, BTW.) Happy birthday, y’big goo foff! 😀

    • Good morning, Michelle, and thank you for your good wishes. I’m on turtle watch today. They’re bound to show up.

  2. Such happy birthday wishes headed to you, David! Love that your mom made it to 99!!! Wow!! Great idea. Keep us well-posted.

    • Hey Stef,
      Thanks very much. My pen still has ink in it so I’m good to go. Now if the turtles will just show up.

  3. Just finished wishing you a Happy Birthday on FB where I can actually post a picture for the occasion. 🙂 I like what Katmaz2012 said because you sure do inspire me, and many, many more!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day! I think now I owe you a tall fruity drink with two umbrellas in it! Ha! Safe travels back to Missouri. See you soon!

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