A new drama in the making

Hi everyone,

Goose Lake is opening for business. Our cherry trees and dogwoods and blooming pears and plum trees are blooming or close to it. Around the lake we’re getting our first glimpses of small leaves on trees. Even the old tree in our front yard is putting on green for another season. While we were away a pair of Canadian geese found the solitude of our yard appealing. I see them walking and grazing around the yard and suspect that if I don’t discourage them right away we’ll soon have a nest tucked away somewhere.

I love this time of year. Buds of promise everywhere. Grass brightening. Before long I’ll carry furniture and flower pots on their annual migration from the garage to the patio. Can moving the grill to the back yard be far behind?

Down where we can’t see them the beetles and worms and centipedes and grubs are stirring. Spiders, those eight-eyed opportunists, must be licking their fangs in anticipation of the spring feast in the making.

The curtain is going up. Let’s get on with the show.


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