Some things you don’t see coming

Hi everyone,

Of all the things I ever thought might happen to me, developing a gallstone didn’t even make the top ten list. It took six hours yesterday in ER, two EKGs, one ultrasound, and repeating my age to everyone who walked in with another clipboard to determine that I indeed have a stone and they want to remove my gallbladder.

What felt like a volcano in my stomach for ten hours yesterday is just a memory this morning, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. I plan to keep my commitment at the Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg and have the surgery immediately after coming home.

Onward and upward!


38 comments on “Some things you don’t see coming

  1. Wow! Wishing you a speedy recovery — and a pain-free future! Definitely better out than in! (I was relieved of my gallbladder about 10 years ago and have never missed it!) Take care and get well quickly!

  2. Ouchers. I realy feel your pain.That happened to me two years ago, but because I passed it, they decided not to take out my gall bladder. But the ain was worse than childbirth with nothing wonderful to show at the end.


  3. Oh, no! In addition to terrible timing, it is seriously painful. Wishing you a smooth surgery and quick recovery after…and for it not to cause any problems while you’re at the Children’s Lit Festival.

    • Thank you, Linda. I plan to get this taken care of as soon as I can get in after the litfest. Don’t want to go through THAT again.

    • Thanks. I have something to reduce the pain but it makes me sleepy so I’ll need to be prudent about taking it. Haven’t taken one today. Got taxes to work on!

  4. David: This very thing happened to my sister-in-law while on vacation in Hawaii. What a bummer! Glad you are feeling better, and best wishes for the future.

  5. JEEPERS! Also POOR BABY! I hope you’re bringing along good drugs in case you need ’em [I hope you won’t!!], whilst talking w/ all those steamy little squirts in W’burg.

  6. Huge virtual hug of relief that you’re pain-free and best wishes from both of us for successful surgery and a quick and complete recovery! I can’t imagine anyone but you still heading up the road to Warrensburg and facing those hoards of children after such a horrible experience. But, yes, that’s you, all right. Safe travels, a happy Festival, safe return, and a smooth ride ever after! XOXOXO

    • Hi Sandy! So far so good. All I need to do is slip past the next four days and I’m home free. What was it that Clyde Bulla got that time years ago? He was taken to the hospital and scared us all to death.

      • I do remember that he was taken to the hospital, but not why. Whatever it was, do not replicate! Is Sandy going with you? I’m going to be worrying about the road trip to and fro. Slip past carefully!

  7. Yikes–that sounds painful. Glad the volcano has subsided, and hope you have a speedy and easy recovery from the surgery. You are the definition of a trouper for keeping your festival commitment!

  8. Ouch! I have been through it. The good news is it is pretty routine and a fairly quick recovery. My best advice, stand up straight the first time you get up. It will hurt a bit, but it will help you recover more quickly.

  9. Oh David,

    So sorry to hear you need surgery. Hope you heal quickly. I have spent the last five months trying to get back for a severe fall that ended up with a sprain wrist, fractured arm, and a concussion when I landed on my concrete patio head first. Get well!


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